An Environmentally Friendly Way to Clean your House with Soft Washing

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Soft washing.

You may not be familiar with the term, but it’s quickly overtaking pressure and power washing as America’s favorite exterior cleaning method – perfect for roof cleaning, fence and deck cleaning, driveway and walkway cleaning, and more.

Not only is soft washing more effective in cleaning away algae and bacteria growth than pressure washing, but it also does more than just clean. Soft washing penetrates the growth, sanitizes, and completely removes the issue at the root by using a mix of safe, biodegradable chemicals guaranteed to eliminate the bacteria that creates buildup entirely.

Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly Chemicals in SoftWash

Apart from its efficiency and long-lasting results, the success of soft washing can also be attributed to ensuring that the biocide and application process is environmentally friendly.

People often hesitate when the word “chemicals” is brought up, but having chemicals doesn’t always mean it’s bad for the environment. In reality, everything is a chemical, even water (hydrogen dioxide).

The chemicals utilized in soft washing help break down contaminants and infestations, so they can be easily rinsed away. They do all the work without all the (potentially damaging) pressure. The chemicals are water based, ship non-hazardous, and are biodegradable, meaning they break down into carbon and water within twenty (20) days of their introduction into the environment; leaving no contaminants behind.

Eco-Friendly Application Process

Our application process works on the same principle: calculate chemical ratios and low-pressure delivery localizes the application to the affected area while massively reducing water use. This is another environment plus.

In fact, whereas power and pressure washers utilize 3 to 8 gallons of water per minute, and up to 480 gallons of water in ONE hour, soft washing only uses approximately 60 gallons of cleaning solution, which includes about 40 gallons of water.

Beyond saving on water during the first application, soft washing saves even more water by lasting 4 – 6 times longer than standard pressure or power washing. Making it more sustainable for the environment and your wallet.

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